Specialist hands on deck for Systematic

Systematic hires four new maritime experts
Systematic hires four new maritime experts.

Systematic’s in-house maritime expertise has expanded with the arrival of four former Service personnel with Navy and Marine backgrounds.

Not only did they span the globe throughout their military careers, but each new joiner is also employed in a different regional office, providing domain expertise to customers across the world.

With the company focus on providing scalable C4ISR solutions deployable across all warfare domains, the experience and expertise of specialists provides invaluable insight and working knowledge.

United Kingdom

Former Royal Navy Vice Admiral and NATO Senior Mentor Paul Bennett joined Systematic’s Farnborough office in the UK in July where he provides a full spectrum defence advisory role from across his 36-year career. As well as six sea-going command appointments he served ashore in the UK as head of Royal Navy capability and abroad as Chief of Staff, Allied Command Transformation in Norfolk, Virginia.

“Effective command and control across all domains and the consequent improvement in interoperability with allies and partners is vital and demands that we embrace new technology fast,” said Paul. “As a world leader in C4ISR solutions, Systematic is intrinsic to both the conversation and solution, and I am delighted to be part of such a passionate and progressive team.”


Also hailing from the Royal Navy is former Commander Rob Wilson who has joined the Australian office in Canberra, Systematic’s Asia-Pacific headquarters. Rob, who commanded Type 23 frigate HMS Somerset and headed up the Maritime Warfare Training School, left the navy in 2017 and headed up his crypto-currency trading firm until he joined Systematic in August as Business Development Manager.

Rob said: “It was the products that attracted me to Systematic. I can think of a thousand situations in my military career where it would have been great to have this solution to provide a complete situational awareness. I can appreciate the technology behind it, it is quite extraordinary. It’s important for me to be part of a team that appreciates defence in the way that Systematic does – I’m really pleased to be part of it.”

Central Europe

The third new joiner in the maritime domain is Gregor Mannherz, a former Lieutenant Commander in the German Navy and a mine warfare and operational planning specialist. After more than a decade in the HR and marine industries, and now a Commander in the naval reserves, Gregor works in Cologne, Germany as Business Development Manager for Central Europe.

“I didn’t have to think twice,” he said. “I was really interested in the product after I worked with Systematic on a project and experienced SitaWare’s capabilities. The team were very efficient and really focused on providing solutions – I’m grateful for the opportunity to be part of this journey.”

United States

Former Lieutenant Colonel in the US Marine Corps and F35 fighter pilot Mike Rountree brings a wealth of experience from within the land, sea, air and littoral environment to Systematic’s US office. In 22 years, he worked across a variety of roles, latterly including command of Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121 based out of Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni, Japan and as the Operational Planning Course Director at the School of Advanced Warfighting.

“I have a lot of love and respect for the men and women that are in military service. I wanted to join a company that was positively contributing to them both today and looking forward into the future,” said Mike. “As a former squadron commander and operational planner, I find command and control one of the most critical and challenging functions to execute during complex military operations.

“The right command and control technologies enable the commander to make better, more timely decisions, thereby accomplishing the mission and reducing risk to friendly forces. Systematic is constantly looking for better ways to do that which is exciting and challenging from a technical perspective. It also gives me a deep sense of meaning and purpose to be a part of that positive contribution.”