Elbit Displays Combat Vehicle Advanced Capabilities

UT-50 unmanned turret
UT-50 unmanned turret

Elbit Systems of America AUSA presentation focus, stated Raanan Horowitz President and CEO, is on “assisting the US Army by providing the overmatch necessary for dominating the future battlefield”.

Among the products and technologies being displayed (Booth 1139, lower level Hall A) are a number of key advances for combat vehicles. These product efforts encompass armament, next generation sensors and their integration, battlefield networking and information management, and holistic situation awareness and self-protection.

On display will be the UT-50 unmanned turret system mounting the XM913 50mm auto-cannon which recently completed successful live fire testing. UT-50 offers both a potential lethality upgrade to the M2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, a project being undertaken in collaboration with BAE Systems, and as a candidate weapon station for the OMFV candidate.

UT-50 unmanned turret
UT-50 unmanned turret system live fire testing

Recognizing the critical link to both combat effectiveness and self-protection Elbit is moving toward “holistic 360 degree” situational awareness. Seamless integration and cross-system sharing of complementary sensor capabilities including electro-optics, radar and even off-platform assets is viewed as the essential objective. Horowitz share “Already incorporating this integrated concept into airborne platforms Elbit is well positioned to apply this approach to combat vehicles.”

Within advanced sensors Elbit is showing its MATR-X a software defined surveillance radar system. Designed with a compact form it can detect and track ground to low-level (600 ft AGL) targets including personnel, vehicles, drones, aircraft and airborne munitions. Applications include ground and vehicle including the possibility for incorporation into vehicle active protection systems such as Iron Fist APS.

Elbit’s commitment to the American defense, Horowitz emphasized is further demonstrated by the company’s development of its new manufacturing facility in Charleston, South Carolina that open in mid-2023. This facility will have an active production line filling an FMS artillery production contract and be ready to support US needs.

by Stephen W. Miller