General Micro Systems Wearable Computer – Enabling True Soldier Networking

M9 Spider ManPack
M9 Spider ManPack

Chris Ciufo, Chief Technology Officer at General Micro Systems (GMS) explained “The Army’s current individual soldier “network” relies on a small mobile device similar to a smart phone with low-rate connections to the soldier’s tactical radio. Connecting to a weapon, NVIS/night vision and/or helmet monocle display and interoperating with other soldiers and battlefield assets requires significantly more processing power and specifically more image processing.”

GMS’s M9 Spider S1502-MP offers that processing power essential to achieving true soldier integrated networking. In fact, it is more like a mission computer, personal tablet computer, and vehicle-mounted server—plus cloud-based data mining GPGPU—all contained in a small form factor battery powered package that fits into a backpack!

The S1502-MP will be featured at the GMS exhibit at AUSA Booth 8221 Hall DE.

Designed from the ground up to offer computing power and I/O in the most compact, lightweight and battery power efficient form it can drive up to four on-body displays, connect to wireless LANs and personal networks, while up-linking to vehicles and command systems. Able to store up to 20TB of data while processing on-board AI algorithms including image/facial recognition, target identification and tracking and sensor fusion, it offers the warfighter a comprehensive individual combat capability even in a denied environment. With a total package volume of under 157 cubic inches it provides connections and interface of a range of soldier sub-systems including sights, augmented vision devices, smart sensor data processing, information displays, communications, Blue Force Tracking, health monitoring, as well as, incorporation and presentation of external information.

M9 Spider Wearable “cloud computer” provides a previously unavailable level of computing power and resources to soldiers in a manpack form factor.

by Stephen W. Miller