Polaris Introduces Arctic MRZR and All-Electric RANGER XP

Polaris AUSA booth
Polaris AUSA booth

Always seeking to anticipate US Army operational needs, Polaris (Booth 3017 Hall ABC) this AUSA it is addressing the need for ground mobility that will be essential with the new emphasis on Arctic operations and presenting a new all-electric on-base utility vehicle.

The fully-enclosed cab is designed to be fit to any Polaris MRZR Alpha version including either the wheeled or used with tracked kit variants. The later was introduced in 2021 for use in snow/ice and soft-soil conditions.

The kit can be fit to the Alpha for Arctic and Tundra. Both versions remain internally transportable by tactical air. The enclosed cab has been developed as part of the MRZR Arctic Kit. It complements the vehicles capabilities by providing the crew, passengers and payload with an environment protected from severe cold, biting winds, and driven snow conditions.

Nick Francis Vice President Government & Defense stated “The MRZR Alpha offers a readily available and in-service proven solution to providing mobility and support for light forces in northern winter operations. Yet, it is equally capable of filling a range of mobility options for missions anywhere.”

The RANGER XP Kinetic is the newest addition to the Polaris line. It features a powertrain suitable for on and off-road work. With class-leading 110 horsepower, 140lb-ft of torque allows it to carry 1,250 lbs and the ability to tow 2,500 pounds.

The RANGER XP Kinetic has a rigid one-piece chassis, full-body skid plate and large front bumper for maximum protection to the operator and vehicle. Ground clearance of 14 inches, 10 inches suspension travel complement its wide utility. The vehicle offers fewer moving parts for lower maintenance costs and increased productivity.

According to Francis, “it offers a readily available solution that would contribute to meeting on-base sustainability requirements for zero emissions at a fraction of the cost of full-size electric trucks.”

by Stephen W. Miller