Radionor Communications develops and produce the next generation tactical broadband radios based on phased array technology.

When you need high data capacity, ultralong range and jamming resilient communication, the Cordis Array II is the leading technology in the field.

The Cordis Array II is based on the most recent developments in highly advanced digital array technology that supersedes conventional radios, like MIMO, in capability. The digital array technology has until now been used for advanced radar technology, but now, Radionor Communications brings this type of advanced beamforming technology into tactical communication systems for military operations.

The technology gives a highly directive and extremely thin antenna beam which is key to important features like power concentration for long range robustness, low electromagnetic footprint and robustness against jamming. The capability of the technology makes it ideal for installations on air-craft, UAVs, ships, vehicles, and soldiers.

Our technology has been proven to offer unique capabilities for land-, sea-, air-, cyber-domain and other critical functions. The technology provides unmatched range, mesh and stability and is ideal for high-mobility operations.

We are proud to have delivered our technology for operational use by several NATO countries and allies.

Radionor Communications is committed to deliver tactical broadband radios with unmatched capabilities which is reliable even when everything else fails. Our technology has proved to be an exceptionally reliable capability under the most severe conditions.

We provide tactical broadband radio with ultralong range for critical operations. Radionor Communication technology enables live streaming of high-resolution video combined with other high bandwidth sensor data, Blue Force tracking, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and connectivity for Battle Management Systems. Our technology is combat proven.