Rheinmetall Shows “Big Wheels” Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The Mission Master XT UGV
The Mission Master XT UGV

Rheinmetall Defense’s Mission Master Family of Autonomous- Unmanned Ground Vehicles have a new member the Mission Master XT, which is being debuted in the United States at the Association of the US Army 2022 (Booth 1439 Hall ABC).

Unlike its smaller cousin, the Mission Master ST, which is emphasizes a low-profile and providing general utility support for the soldier, XT introduces another class of vehicles. With large tires and off-road optimized design, according to a company spokesperson, “XT will overcome the most extreme terrain and conditions, including amphibious capability and accommodating heavy payloads of up to 1000kg.”

In particular, XT is ideally suited to fire support roles and has been demonstrated with various weapon systems including remote operated automatic grenade launchers, HERO-120 loitering munitions, and other company sensors and weapons. Operating silently, it offers a range in excess of 750 km. Its PATH autonomous navigation and driving has been successfully and safely demonstrated to “follow-me, convoy, and independent navigation while keeping the human in the loop.

Its open architecture permits incorporation of innovations like advances in artificial intelligence as these evolve.

by Stephen W. Miller