Providing light infantry with the ability to counter small and micro Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) is complicated by the fact that they must physically carry any system that they are provided with.

The Israeli firm SMARTSHOOTER has developed a small arms weapon-mounted fire control system, the SMASH, that allows the soldier to accurately track and hit a moving target including a UAS. Its Maryland based US subsidiary, SMARTSHOOTER Inc. (Booth 7906), is demonstrating its latest version the SMASH2000L at AUSA.

The SMASH has been preciously Fielded with forces worldwide, including the IDF, the US special forces, the Indian Navy, an NATO and European militaries. The latest SMASH2000L incorporates lessons learned from the field use of previous versions, as well as, reducing the system weight making it easier for the soldier to carry and employ.

Michal Mor, SMARTSHOOTER CEO statedthe SMASH technology whether mounted on a rifle or remotely controlled ensures precise target elimination by guaranteeing that shot accuracy will not be affected by human errors such as fatigue and stress, nor by the target movement.”

The system uses AI, computer vision, and advanced algorithms to engage targets efficiently while also enhancing situational awareness throughout an engagement both in day and night. “SMASH 2000L ensures precise target elimination against ground and aerial targets.”

On 6 October 2022 the Company announced it had received an order for SMASH2000L systems that would be supplied to the US Army. Referred to as the SMASH3000 by the US forces, this is a follow-up from the June 2020 Joint – small Counter UAS Program Office (JCO) selection of SMASH as the only dismounted kinetic solution to defeat drones.

SMARTSHOOTER will also display other SMASH family of fire control solutions, including the SMASH Hopper Light Remotely Controlled Weapon Station (LRCWS), the UAV-Mounted SMASH Dragon, the SMASH X4 Fire Control System with a x4 magnifying optic scope, and the latest system development the Individual Weapon Overmatch Optic with 8X power variable zoom reaching out to 600 meters range.

by Stephen W. Miller