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Editorial Topics:
  • Land Warfare: Shoulder Fired Arms – Requirement and Technologies: Stephen W. Miller reviews the development paths of shoulder fired weapons to learn how they continue to evolve – including the ammunition they use.
  • Technology Focus: Looking Beyond the Mark One Eyeball: How are developments in Image Intensification (I²) improving situational awareness on the battlefield? Stephen W. Miller finds out.
  • Air Warfare: Multi-Mission Opportunity for Baltic Air Policing Squadrons: Charlotte Bailey travelled to Lithuania to report on the successful air policing mission delivered by the Saab JAS-39 Gripens operated by the Hungarian Air Force.
  • Technology Focus: Back to the Future: Dr. Alix Valenti uncovers the growing potential for additive manufacturing onboard naval vessels while deployed at sea.
  • Sea Power: Beating the Minefield with Autonomous Countermeasures: Autonomous subsurface vehicles, sometimes working in tandem with unmanned surface craft, are taking human operators out of the danger zone. Tim Fish reports.

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