CV90 Mk IV IFV Integrates Akeron 5th Gen Missile


BAE Systems successfully demonstrated the integration of the MBDA Akeron MP 5th Generation guided missile system on the Hagglunds CV90 infantry fighting vehicle in live firings conducted at the end of January 2023 at a range in Sweden.

Combining Akeron’s multi-target and engagement options with CV90’s advanced combat system with integrated LYNKEUS micro-UAV offers a major expansion in battlefield combat capabilities. Akeron, developed as a substitute for Milan and Javelin antitank guided missiles, differs in it being optimized for not only armoured threats with a tandem warhead but for addressing structures and personnel targets. In addition, it offers multiple engagement modes including Fire-and-Forget, Man-in-the-Loop, and non-line of sight Lock-on-After-Launch even with third party target designation. The missile allows operators to select either an IR or low-light seeker permitting “cold target” engagement as well as direct or top-attack.

Applying the Akeron MP (Multi-Purpose) to this latest evolution of the CV90, the MkIV, is consistent with the design’s approach toward providing this combat platform the capability of addressing all threats faced on the battlefield. It further incorporates on-board weapons, sensors, and systems networked to complement each other, thus, enabling achieving maximum value from each. That the Akeron launch allows it to be safely fired over friendly troops, for example, facilitates the CV90’s close support to dismounts the without endangering them. In addition, linking the onboard LYNKEUS micro-UAV permits the most effective use of Akeron’s 5000 meter maximum range and use of its non-line-of-sight engagement possibilities.


Incorporating the features and multi-purpose target capabilities of the Akeron MP are in line with the Swedish Army Commander, Maj.Gen. Karl Engelbrektson, comments at a January 2023 international conference. He stated, “We will need a multi-domain platform both on the low and the high tactical level.” Inherent in this is going beyond traditional IFV platform targets and incorporating the ability by levering technology and networking to address the full range of threats faced. This means IFVs that can neutralize opposing drones and infrastructure targets as well as armoured vehicles. This is demonstrated in the CV90 MkIV and its adoption of the Akeron MP missile.

by Stephen W. Miller