EXPAL Systems showcases its latest innovations at IDEX & NAVDEX 2023

EXPAL Systems at IDEX 2023.
EXPAL Systems at IDEX 2023.

EXPAL Systems develops, manufactures, integrates, and maintains a complete range of high-performance products, systems, and services to meet the current and future needs of Air, Land and Sea Armed Forces. We are a trusted ally in over 60 countries adding safety, precision, and advanced systems to any mission.

EXPAL showcases an evolution of the on-board mortar system Dual EIMOS 81mm platform. A highly mobile mortar system with automatic fire control system (FCS), integration with command-and-control system and deep fording capability unique in the world, following the Navy’s landing operations requirements and at the same time seeking the greatest versatility also for Land applications.

EXPAL is recognized for its ammunition portfolio, one of the broadest and most versatile on the market, which will continue to evolve in terms of range, precision, effects, and safety. Our 155mm ER02A1 high-performance family, up to 40 km, following the most demanding NATO standards, recently endowed by the Spanish Army, is a good example of this. As part of its leadership in artillery systems and integration capabilities, EXPAL has launched initiatives to development jointly with other companies a course correction fuze for 155 mm.

Regarding weapons systems, EXPAL’s proposal focuses both on the satisfaction of operational needs and on aspects of technological sovereignty and industrial development, in collaboration with companies that are a world reference.

For the Naval Forces, EXPAL highlights its 76mm and 5″/ 127 mm munitions with proximity fuzee, enhancing on-board anti-air warfare (AAW) capabilities, specifically against sea skimming missiles.

EXPAL have a full vertical integration and excellent industrial capabilities. EXPAL designs, manufactures and fully validates all the key components of the ammunition such as fuzes, cartridge cases, primers and propelling charges, which guarantees the highest quality, safety and logistical effectiveness. The company has integrated into its core business, both industrial and technological, the three critical elements in the ammunition of our portfolio: Propellants and Energy Material, Fuzes, Metallurgy, one of the outstanding offers in Europe with these capacities under the highest standards of the NATO. Our solid experience in munitions, strong integration capabilities and global presence, allows an ease of adaptation to specific needs, both in the products supplied to the Armed Forces and in opening up alliances with third parties.