High-end optronic devices for Defense & Security

Bertin Photonics develops and designs cutting-edge optronic equipment and components for night & day detection, recognition and identification of targets and threats to prominent institutions such as the DGA (French arms procurement agency), Special Forces, Infantry Regiments or industrials.

Faced with the challenges of security for states, citizens and operators of vital importance, Bertin provides concrete solutions for protection and surveillance in the areas of optronic surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence gathering:

Our range of optronic equipment is adapted to a wide variety of military and civilian applications such as ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance) missions, force protection, Driver Vision Enhancement (DVE) and Local Situational Awareness (LSA), search and rescue, surveillance of critical infrastructures (Airports, ports, oil and gas installations, nuclear power plants, etc.).

Have a look at this video presenting our full range of products and their associated application.

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