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Editorial Topics:
  • Middle East Focus: Gulf Defence Industry Shows Its Maturity: The governments of Gulf states are investing heavily in establishing their own national defence industries. Andrew Drwiega reports.
  • Technology Focus: Listening Out Of Sight: David Oliver reviews the importance of airborne electronic intelligence gathering.
  • Military Radars – Naval: AESA Radar – Required Not Desired: Jon Lake discusses the latest generation of AESA radars including some that can be used for lighter aircraft, not just front line fighters.
  • Military Radars – Land: Detect to Defeat: Mike Rajkumar discovers new levels of performance being achieved by ground based radars.
  • Technology Focus: Naval Radar Market Forecast $2.6 Billion Over 15 Years: Warships need situational awareness, and the market for naval radars is looking health, says Dr. Thomas Withington.
  • Sea Power: Striking back: Dr. Lee Willett analyses the development of long range naval strike missiles.

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