Radioflash! Episode 1: Voices from Space

Artist's impression of a GPS satellite
A delightfully retro artist’s impression of one of the US Global Positioning System satellites made in 1981. The world’s networks of global navigation satellite system constellations are now on the frontline of strategic competition in space.

Armada is proud to launch our new Radioflash podcast. Blending our electronic warfare and military communications podcasts Radioflash covers all aspects of military electromagnetic spectrum use.

Fittingly, our first guest is Dr. Bleddyn Bowen, associate professor of international relations at the University of Leicester. He is the author of two books on the militarisation of the cosmos: War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower and Geopolitics and the recently published Original Sin: Power, Technology and War in Outer Space.

Space has never been more important to the military. The heavens host spy satellites collecting intelligence and communications satellites letting navies, armies and air forces keep in touch. Yet space is competitive. The US and her allies depend on it as do their rivals Russia and the People’s Republic of China. Anti-satellite weapons risk spacecraft safety. Meanwhile the private sector is taking on a host of missions once the preserve of the military. We sit down with Dr. Bowen to talk about these vexing challenges.

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