Radioflash! Episode 2: A Work of Fiction

US Army M777A2 155mm howitzer
US Army gunners from the 101st Airborne Division fire a BAE Systems M777A2 155mm howitzer during combat operations in Iraq. Fictional intelligence help us understand how wars in the future may unfold.

FICINT is a useful tool to help us imagine how the future may unfold. It is particularly apt for those working in the electromagnetic spectrum where technology moves at breakneck speed.

Keen eyed members of our audience may remember an article we published in late November entitled Fast Forward the Future. This looked at the emerging field of Fictional Intelligence (FICINT). In 2021 the Royal Air Force commissioned a three-volume series of books to imagine the RAF in 2040. These looked at the challenges it, and the wider world, may face.

In episode 2 of Radioflash! we are joined by Peter W. Singer, an expert on fictional intelligence, founder and managing partner at Useful Fiction. He is also a New York Times bestselling author writing on technology and warfare.

Mr. Singer and your correspondent will be speaking at a panel event on 15th February discussing Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy. More details on Mr. Singer’s and his colleagues’ work can be found at You can also purchase his books online and they are available in all good bookshops.

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