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Editorial Topics:
  • Sea Power: Tracking UUVs in the Deep: Tracking and controlling UUVs when submerged is difficult. Dr. Alix Valenti reports on progress being made through networked communication.
  • Sea Power: Managing Maritime Combat – at Speed: Dr. Alix Valenti discovers the diverse threats that modern maritime combat management systems must defeat.
  • Air Power: Ruining Radars: Dr. Thomas Withington examines the European Defence Agency’s (EDA) Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) initiative as a PESCO programme.
  • Focus on Training – Air: US Navy Overhauls Pilot Training & New Age Pilot Training: David Oliver reports on the state of US Navy pilot training and following that, the challenge of training aircrew to fly and fight next generation fighters.
  • Focus on Training – Naval: Which Kind of Intensity?: Limited resources and the pressure of deployments is driving maritime training towards networked synthetic training – at sea. Dr Lee Willett reports.
  • Land Power: GBAD – Almost an Impossible Job: Stephen W. Miller assesses the challenge of protecting ground forces from air attack.

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