Codan and Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) announced the unveiling of the New Sentry Mesh 6161-L Radio

Codan and Domo Tactical Communications (DTC) recently proudly announced the unveiling of the New Sentry Mesh 6161-L Radio.

This introduction completes the Sentry Series product family and enhances Codan and DTC’s product offerings which further reinforces their commitment to innovation and providing full communication solutions. The Sentry series product family includes the HF, VHF and MANET, and interoperability solutions.

This Sentry Mesh 6161-L Software Defined Radio incorporates our exceptionally reliable and robust MANET MESH waveforms. These waveforms have been proven dependable in the field by various world militaries, Special Forces and through Unmanned Systems platforms and Covert Operations. MeshUltra™ optimizes the use of available channel bandwidth through a “Token Passing” technology. This technology helps avoid collisions and provides a predictable data packet latency.

The Sentry Mesh 6161-L Radio is defined by its wider bandwidth and advanced Inference Avoidance Systems (IAS). This pair allows for maximization of effective communication in contested environments, while protecting against Electronic Attack (EA).

Paul Sangster, President of CODAN Communications said:

“The Sentry Mesh 6161-L, developed specifically to address the needs of Soldier Modernization programs, continues CODAN’s tradition of innovation and responsiveness to the warfighter’s evolving demands to stay connected, create security, and ultimately save lives.”

With up to two watts output and a 2×2 MIMO RF architecture, the Sentry Mesh 6161-L maximizes throughput and avoids drop-outs using two independent transmit/ receive channels. In challenging environments where obstacles may cause signal reflections and cancellation, MIMO outperforms competition.