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Editorial Topics:
  • Sea Power: Silent running: Manufacturers of the latest submarines being developed are seeking to provide customers with new options in the provision of power while reducing the craft’s signature and increasing autonomy. Dr. Alix Valenti reports.
  • UAV Listing: David Oliver looks at larger, longer range UAVs and technology that is leading towards the ‘loyal wingman’ concept. The annual UAV listings section is included.
  • Land Warfare: Setting the right heading for UGVs: Dr. Thomas Withington examines the European Defence Agency’s (EDA) Airborne Electronic Attack (AEA) initiative as a PESCO programme.
  • Sea Power: UUV Offence and Defence: Unmanned underwater vehicles are increasingly a hot topic for development navies, as Dr. Lee Willett finds out.
  • Land Warfare: Broadening C-UAS Detection and take-down: Low and slow UAVs are becoming the bane of any ground soldier’s life. But Jon Lake learns how they can be swatted away or brought down.
  • Land Warfare: Weapons that Watch and Wait: The conflict in Ukraine has brought loitering munitions very much into focus, perhaps successfully as an aerial ‘ambush’ weapon. Jon Lake explains.
  • Air Power: Embraer predicts International C-390 Tactical Transport Growth: Armada International was invited to an Embraer briefing in Portugal to discover the future of the C-390 airlifter. David Oliver reports back.

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