June Spectrum SitRep

Czech Air Force Mi-8MTV
BIRD Aerosystems’ AMPS ensemble has been in service for over a decade onboard Czech Air Force helicopters and was deployed operationally to support the air force in Afghanistan.

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AMPS Completes Delivery

BIRD Aerosystems revealed in an early May press release that the company has completed deliveries of its Airborne Missile Protection System (AMPS) to equip Vzdušné Síly (Czech Air Force) rotorcraft. Specifically, AMPS equips the force’s Mi-8/17 series medium-lift utility helicopters. AMPS consists of the MACS (Missile Approach Confirmation Sensor) and Self-Protection Radar Electrooptical System (SPREOS). SPREOS is a radar-assisted directional infrared countermeasure. The press release said AMPS has been protecting the Czech Air Force’s helicopters for the past 15 years. During this time, these aircraft have deployed to support North Atlantic Treaty Organisation-led operations in Afghanistan. The company told Armada via a written statement that it has “completed the delivery” of its current orders, but “expects additional orders to come.” BIRD Aerosystems added that it is “honoured to be the Czech Air Force partner of choice for airborne missile protection systems.”

Allen Vanguard Counter-IED Technology
Allen Vanguard has secured funding from the UK MOD to develop new counter-IED technology to defeat radio frequency-activated IEDs.

Defeating IEDs

The United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MOD) has awarded funding to Allen Vanguard to develop new capabilities for countering Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The company said in a press release that the funding will enable the development of a Remote Radio Head (RRH) IED inhibitor demonstrator. This demonstrator will help “de-risk several key areas associated with (the RRH’s) development and use in the land-based cyber electromagnetic environment.” Areas to be de-risked include “thermal management and specialist techniques to maintain signal fidelity and synchonisation.” Allen Vanguard has partnered with Plextek Services and Pulse Power and Measurement in realising these deliverables. In a written statement, Allen Vanguard told Armada that the deliverables will be developed to Technology Readiness Levels 5/6. According to European Union definitions, this means that the technology has been validated and demonstrated in a relevant environment. The statement continued that work is expected to take between 14 and 18 months with the technology being delivered to the MOD’s Defence Equipment and Support agency.

by Dr. Thomas Withington

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