Paris Air Show: BIRD Aerosystems Unveils the ASIO Environmental Monitoring System, a New Maritime Pollution Detection Solution

ASIO Environmental

Paris Air Show, Hall 3 Booth #B94 – BIRD Aerosystems, a global provider of innovative defense technology and solutions that protect the air, sea, and land fleets of governments and related agencies, proudly announces the launch of its new ASIO solution, the ASIO Environmental Monitoring System, at this year’s Paris Air Show.

In response to the critical challenge of maritime pollution detection and the imperative to prevent costly and ecologically devastating oil spills, BIRD Aerosystems introduces this new innovative solution, based on the company’s renowned ASIO task force. Marking a significant breakthrough in monitoring, identifying, and accurately assessing pollution levels over vast water areas, the ASIO Environmental Monitoring System Integrates Electro-Optical Payload and Multi-Mode Radars with a new advanced sensor named SEA EYE.

With its patented next-generation technology and AI capabilities, the SEA EYE enables real-time spectral detection and classification of surface and even submerged oil and organics. Installed on the ASIO airborne platform, it offers real-time oil pattern recognition and classification, accurately predicting the oil’s spread. The SEA EYE’s prediction tool also empowers users to anticipate the oil’s spread, enabling swift and efficient responses to minimize their impact on the environment and the economy and mitigate potentially catastrophic consequences.

Once an oil spill has been detected, the up-to-date environmental awareness picture is shared using real-time communication to a dedicated control center, to manage the response to the spill. The cleanup action progress is also being addressed and continuously monitored by the SEA EYE, making it possible for decision-makers to adjust the response efforts as needed and ensure that the spill is contained and cleaned up as effectively as possible, determining the most appropriate response measures.

Ronen Factor, Co-CEO and Founder at BIRD Aerosystems: “We are excited to introduce our groundbreaking ASIO Environmental Monitoring System, which effectively detects and mitigates oil spills’ costs and ecological impact. Using the advanced SEA EYE sensor, it enables customers to effectively detect and immediately reduce the direct and indirect damage costs of oil spills, while significantly minimizing the total impact on the environment and economics.