PBS officially unveils the new Auxiliary Power Unit “PBS APU SPARK40”


The PBS APU SPARK40 was officially launched by PBS during the Paris Air Show 2023 on Tuesday, June 20th.

Present at the launch ceremony were Mr Jozef Sikela, the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, and Mrs Radka Konderlova, Director General of the Industrial Cooperation Division at the Ministry of Defence of the Czech Republic.

The PBS APU SPARK40 is designed to meet the requirements of medium helicopters, airplanes, and large UAVs.

This turbine power unit represents a significant improvement over the previous company’s APU product line. Therefore, the company has chosen a new designation for this new APU, which was first announced at the ceremony in Paris.

The PBS SPARK40 APU brings numerous enhancements, such as doubling the available AC power for onboard systems, increasing the quantity of pressurised air, reducing weight, expanding the operating envelope, optimising the fuel-oil system, and improving reliability.

The exceptional quality and performance of the PBS APU SPARK40 have been confirmed through its selection for a new medium helicopter project in a NATO member country.

The following are the main parameter improvements:

  • Electrical power output: 40 kVA
  • Bleed Air Extraction: 27 kg/min

Maximum operating altitude: 8,000 m