Sener, selected to participate in four projects financed by the European Commission’s European Defence Fund


The projects in which Sener will take part —SWAT-SHOAL, ODIN’s EYE II, LATACC and SPIDER— with some of the Europe’s most relevant companies and research centers, will be financed with over € 220 million and will strengthen the company’s commitment to national and international industrial collaboration.

The engineering and technology group Sener will take part, alongside some of Europe’s leading companies and research centers, in four of the projects selected to receive funding from the latest call of the European Defence Fund (EDF), the European Commission’s instrument to foster cooperation and R&D in the sector.

The EDF drives industrial collaboration in defense in Europe, as well as the development of competitive projects throughout the research and development cycle, while focusing on initiatives that facilitate the development of cutting-edge, interoperable defense technologies and equipment.

The projects Sener will be involved in are diverse in nature, so the company will be able to bring its extensive cross-cutting experience in the sector. This includes extensive knowledge throughout the life cycle (from design to maintenance) in the likes of electromechanical systems, communications (COMINT, data links, microwave, and radio frequency) and autonomous navigation, together with a strong vocation for national and international industrial collaboration.

More specifically, the projects in which Sener will participate as a partner (as well as technical coordinator, in the case of SWAT-SHOAL) are the following:

  • SWAT-SHOAL: This project seeks to enhance collaboration between manned and unmanned assets in missions against moving underwater threats. The goal is to develop a system-of-systems concept, based on swarm technologies, that integrates manned and unmanned naval assets, collaborating effectively as a team to achieve greater performance and effectiveness. The system will enable different types of vehicles, working as a single unit, to cope with more complex scenarios.
  • ODIN’s EYE II: Its goal is to develop a European space-based missile early warning architecture (SBMEW) initiated in the framework of EDIDP. It will address the development of an early warning, ballistic, hypersonic, and anti-satellite (ASAT) missile defense system, as well as proliferation control.
  • LATACC: The LATACC (LAnd TActical Collaborative Combat) project will enhance the collaborative capabilities of armed forces, from the brigade command post to combat vehicles in high-intensity conflicts. LATACC will improve legacy systems, develop new technologies and integrate them into a common European framework.
  • Sener is also participating as a subcontractor in the SPIDER project, a feasibility study to develop affordable multi-mission satellite constellations dedicated to intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

In the words of Rafael Orbe, General Director of Defense at Sener, “Sener has a strong industrial vocation that is committed to collaboration and the internationalization of the Spanish defense sector. We are very pleased to collaborate with some of the most advanced organizations to provide Europe with capabilities that will bring it to the forefront of technology, while maintaining its sovereignty thanks to the development and research efforts of its companies and research centers”.