Breaking silos in defence: DSEI 23 Joint Zone set to display latest innovations across domains

Joint Zone at DSEI 2021
Joint Zone at DSEI 2021

Effective defence operations rely on the seamless integration of technology, communication and processes across domains and forces nationally and internationally.

In an age of rapid technological innovation, there has been a drive toward organisations developing agile solutions that have numerous applications across domains, as the interoperability of equipment, software and personnel is crucial in securing the strategic edge.

Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI), will be held on the 12th – 15th September this year, at the ExCeL exhibition centre in London. The key theme of this year’s DSEI is “Achieving an Integrated Force”, referring to multi-domain integration that bridges the gap across silos in defence on all levels of warfare from tactical to strategic. With the central theme in mind, the Joint Zone is expected to play a pivotal role throughout the tradeshow in demonstrating the possibilities of cross-domain capabilities.

Disruptive innovation such as Internet of Things (IoT) approaches are expected to be a major highlight of the event. IoT is a system that is able to connect equipment, tools and other machinery to the internet, facilitating the automation and monitoring of devices in real time. The opportunities for streamlining the defence sector are vast, and this has been reflected in this year’s uptake at DSEI. The Joint Zone is set to host companies not only from the defence sector, but also from broader industry. Motorola Solutions for example will be showcasing its IoT ecosystem that can tap into existing equipment and provide a central platform unifying voice, data, video and analytics.

In addition to well-known names, DSEI will host many specialist providers of platforms, products and services. British based technology and system integration company STS Defence, specialise in providing secure communications and electronic systems that can be utilised both in the naval and air domain.

Speaking on the event, Grant Burgham, DSEI, commented:

“This year’s DSEI has seen a surge in companies diversifying and devising solutions that transcend traditional domains. The Joint Zone stands as a tangible demonstration of the ongoing momentum to break out of domain silos and foster long-term technological progress. It’s truly encouraging to witness such widespread engagement, not only from established defence players but also from non-defence companies which are exhibiting at DSEI for the first time.”

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