Major Defence and Security event to host international space community


The Space domain at Defence Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2023 is dedicated to the next generation of space capability, showcasing both upstream and downstream capability.

It is growing exponentially, showing significant buy-in from exhibiting companies across the sector. Held biennially, DSEI is the world’s largest fully-integrated defence and security hybrid event which connects governments, national armed forces, industry thought leaders and the global defence and security supply chain on an unrivalled scale.

The UK established UK Space Command in 2021. UK Space Command have a significant stand presence at the event under ‘Defence Space’ and will be at the centre of the Space domain. It will showcase the full array of UK defence capabilities in the space domain. The DSEI Space Hub was established in response to many militaries defining Space as a new domain of warfare alongside Air, Land, Sea and Cyber and subsequently creating dedicated commands for capability development and operations in the Space domain.

Space companies are not limited to the event’s Space domain. Many primes that have space capability will be positioned outside the Space domain and others will be in national pavilions such as Hanwha Phasor in the South Korean pavilion or Space Forge in the UK pavilion. Leading space companies such as OneWeb, Maxar, Teledyne Space and Satellite Vu will be exhibiting in addition to many Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs) such as Resonate Testing who will be there for the first time.

Themes for the Space Forum that will feature as part of DSEI’s conference programme will include: the commercialisation of space, the use of defence capabilities such as Space Domain Awareness for civil use and the accessibility to knowledge and technology. The risks and opportunities created by dual-use space technology will be a theme alongside understanding the role of space in defence operations such as Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and satellite communications to provide forces on the ground with Situational Awareness and Command and Control.

The Space Hub Forum will host key figures such as Group Captain Andy Hindley, Director Joint Force Space Component – UK Space Command, Rachel Spicer, Lead Governance & Assurance – UK Space Command and Dr Joanna Hart, Space Partnership Director – Space Partnership. The forum will also host product demonstrations from exhibitors such as Satellite Vu.

DSEI Space Advisor, Michael Holden, said:

“The Space domain at DSEI 2023 will deepen the partnership with UK Space Command which will take the lead on the Defence Space stand at the heart of the Space domain and will represent all Defence’s activities in the space domain.

DSEI has also partnered with the Satellite Applications Catapult to develop engagements with industry and academia and will have a presence in the Space Hub.

In addition to over 25 companies in the Space domain there are many primes around the exhibition that will have Space capability on display There are also space companies in national pavilions such as Space Forge in the UK pavilion and Hanwha Phasor in the South Korean pavilion.

DSEI has become a vital event for UK and international space companies, operators, end-users, policy-makers and procurement bodies and this event brings them all together under one roof.”

Grant Burgham, DSEI Director, said:

““In 2019, we introduced Space as a domain within DSEI; we could not have anticipated the growth in this area with over 300% expansion since that time. This has required close partnership with UK Space Command and also Satellite Application Catapult has brought significant benefits to our customers. Over half of exhibitors in this domain are new this year, the majority of whom are UK and International SMEs, non – traditional defence suppliers and startup businesses. I am excited that DSEI will play such an integral role in the creation of new relationships and prosperous business opportunities.”

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