DSEI 2023 – Paramount’s Mbombe 6 Advanced 6×6 Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV) in Production for Customers in Latin America and SADEC

Mbombe 6
Mbombe 6

In response to considerable global demand exacerbated by seismic geopolitical tensions, Paramount, the leading global aerospace and defence technology company headquartered in the UAE, has announced that its 6X6 Infantry Combat Vehicle (ICV), the Mbombe 6, has been ordered by national defence forces in Latin America and in the Southern African Development Community (SADEC).

Announced during the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI), held in London, Paramount revealed that more than 20 of its next-generation ICVs are presently in production, with deliveries underway.

Earlier, Paramount released new market research on the armoured vehicle market, forecasting a global renaissance in armoured vehicle spending. The heightened demand will see global expenditures of $25.6 billion on certain armoured vehicle programmes between 2022 and 2035.

Amidst these revelations, Paramount’s Mbombe armoured vehicle family is optimally positioned to cater to these requirements. Standing at the forefront of armoured vehicle technologies, the Mbombe family reflects the evolving demands of the global battlefield. Its advanced construction offers unparalleled protection levels, ensuring the safety of military personnel.

“Paramount has always been at the vanguard of innovation, particularly in the realm of asymmetrical warfare. Leveraging our decades of experience, we’ve crafted the Mbombe vehicle family to meet the demands of the modern battlefield. It’s a potent blend of unparalleled protection and strategic mobility,” Steve Griessel, Global CEO of Paramount explained.

“Paramount is more than a mere manufacturer; we are transforming into a technology-driven global  OEM. With our unwavering commitment to intellectual property (IP) licensing and the establishment of global partnerships, we are pioneering solutions that address the pressing needs of today’s world. Our collaborations with industrial counterparts provide nations with access to modular and proven options for enhancing their armoured vehicle capabilities. Paramount excels at tailoring these solutions to meet precise mission requirements, while our collaborative efforts bring together a diverse array of domestic technology providers to deliver comprehensive solutions.” Griessel added.

Paramount’s portable production concept locates manufacturing activities within the customer country to produce and sustain armoured vehicle fleets, drive indigenous innovation and ensure long-term support.

“Modularity, maintenance and cost advantages have emerged as pivotal factors for global armed forces. Through leveraging the comparative advantage of affordable overhead costs, reduced maintenance burden, and improved strategic mobility, our company is primed for continued industry and regional expansion; propelling economic diversification and sustainable growth in the process for our partners in Latin America, in Africa, the Middle East and indeed across Europe,” Griessel concluded.

The highly versatile Mbombe 6 is a uniquely equipped asset in the continued campaigns of armed forces around the world in safeguarding citizenries across regionally diverse environments and against threats. The vehicle can address a wide range of military assignments, which are not limited to counterterrorism, border patrol, and peacekeeping missions.

The entire Mbombe family of armoured vehicles share an 80% commonality in technologies and components, presenting significant cost benefits to armed forces, due to greater efficiencies and considerable savings in maintenance repair and operations (MRO), training and logistical support.