How to ensure ultimate fleet availability and performance over the entire lifecycle?

Are you looking for a broad range service concept that ensures your fleets are always ready for critical operations with optimal costs? Patria has developed a modular service concept called Patria OPTIME, which covers air, land and sea domains. It is tailored to the customer needs and requirements and it is set up in phases together with the customer.

Patria OPTIME covers a broad range of services and solutions impacting the fleet availability, such as fleet maintenance, upcoming modification projects and needed integrations in the later stages of the lifecycle as well as supply chain management and training services.

The new service concept combines engineering expertise with efficient data utilization in a unique way for the sustainment of military equipment. There is no comparable, comprehensive, manufacturer independent and data-driven solution that can be deployed in all operating environments available from other market actors. In the centre of the concept is data collection from the fleet usage and maintenance. Even during a crisis, the customer can count on immediate support.

How to keep your fleets operational for the entire lifecycle?

The lifecycle for military fleets is typically decades-long – and thus, in addition to ordinary maintenance, repairs and overhauls, the fleets must undergo major upgrades, repairs and system/structural modifications during the lifecycle to fulfil required capabilities. Patria has strong experience and expertise in all these demanding activities – for land vehicles, aircraft, helicopters and marine vessels.

Patria OPTIME also covers the management of fleet MRO supply chains, as required by the customer. Data analysis makes it possible to forecast the future needs and optimize the supply chain management.

The concept of operations of high-performance assets is also an essential part of effective system usage. Patria can support this with years of experience in data collection from a range of fleets as part of mission support services. This brings exclusive offering for Patria’s training services.

The specification of the Patria OPTIME solution begins with an assessment of the current state of the customer’s operating environment, equipment and sustainment solution as well as the requirements set for them. After a successful feasibility study, there will be a more thorough value proposal phase together with the customer.

Cases – Air domain

Patria has a proven track record maintaining the Finnish NH90 helicopters. Patria OPTIME covers services for the entire lifecycle of the NH90 fleet, from scheduled and unscheduled maintenance to major upgrades and repairs, ensuring optimal availability and performance. Through efficient data utilization and comprehensive data-driven solutions, Patria optimizes the maintenance solution. As an example, Patria ensures the Finnish NH90 fleet availability for operations.

Patria Belgium Engine Center (PBEC) has a solid and extensive experience in the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of F100 engines. For almost 40 years many F-15 and F-16 Air Forces worldwide rely for their every-day missions on PBEC as the Center of Excellence for a full D- I- and O-level support for the Air Forces operating Pratt & Whitney F100 jet engine powering F-15 & F-16 fighter aircraft.

Case – Land domain

Patria’s expertise in maintenance and sustainment extends to land vehicles, including armoured vehicles and infantry support vehicles. Through its subsidiaries, Patria has provided maintenance and repair services in multiple countries.

Additionally, Patria has extensive experience in maintaining vehicles in several international missions, like ISAF Afghanistan, UNIFIL Lebanon and KFOR Kosovo. Patria OPTIME covers all aspects of land vehicle sustainment, including maintenance, fleet service life extension, supply chain management, and data-driven solutions for optimal fleet performance.

Case – Sea domain

Patria has also been a long-term service provider for Finnish Navy to provide lifecycle planning and MRO services. Patria has been maintaining various types of engines from the vessels as well as acting as an integrator in an extensive integration project for the certain Finnish Navy vessel fleets. With the data-driven approach, Patria OPTIME enables the proactive planning and optimization of supply chain management also for marine applications as Patria holds service dealer authorization for MTU engines.

Patria OPTIME ensures the performance of different kinds of fleets in all conditions over their entire lifecycle.

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