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Editorial Topics:

  • Sea Power: Racing to Rearm: The war in Ukraine has given impetus to Eastern Europe’s frontline states with Russia a major reason to modernise, none more so than Poland. Andrew Drwiega reports.
  • Sea Power: Fighting Technology With Technology: Dr. Lee Willett reports on the need for remote weapons systems to counter manned and increasingly unmanned threats at sea.
  • Artillery Focus – Tracked: Tracked Artillery Still Viable: Christopher Foss begins his three part series on artillery systems with a review of tracked artillery.
  • Artillery Focus – Wheeled: Wheely Good to Shoot and Scoot: Wheeled artillery is currently on trend, as Christopher Foss explains.
  • Artillery Focus – Towed: Run Out the Guns: Towed artillery may be traditional, but systems are still widely in service as Christopher Foss finds in the last of three artillery reports.
  • Looking Ahead to DSEi 2023: What can we expect from DSEI 23, being staged in London this September? Rear Adm (ret’d) Jon Pentreath, DSEI Senior Military Adviser – Navy and Land provides some answers.
  • Land Warfare: The Panacea of Loitering Munitions: Loitering munitions are making their presence felt on the battlefield. Stephen Miller explains.
  • Land Warfare: Adapting to Win: Andrew White looks at some of the adaptions to warfighting that the Ukraine armed forces have made in the war with Russia.
  • Air Power: Signs of Things to Come: Jon Lake reviews the progress made to date on the Tempest Flying Technology Demonstrator.

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