Exail delivers the driving simulator for the French Gendarmerie’s new Multi-Purpose Intervention Vehicle

Exail driving simulator
Exail driving simulator

Exail and the Gendarmerie (France military force in charge of law enforcement) have validated the acceptance and commissioning of the driving simulator for the Gendarmerie new IuIti—Purpose Intervention Vehicle (VIGP) Centaure, designed and manufactured by Exail under a contract awarded back in October 2022 by SAILSI (Service de l’Achat, de l’lnnovation et de la Logistique du Ministére de l’lntérieur).

This simulator, delivered to the Groupement Blindé de la Gendarmerie lobiIe (GBGM) at Versailles— Satory, includes three driving stations and an instructor station. It will be used for mass training of future drivers.

Exail driving simulator meets the Gendarmerie Nationale’s objectives in terms of mobility, maneuverability and safety of the vehicle and its occupants in a wide variety of urban and rural environments, both in France and overseas.

“The new Centaure armored vehicles replace the Gendarmerie wheeled armored vehicles (VBRG), which have been in service since 1974. The Gendarmerie therefore needed a modern training tool, representative of the new vehicle’s performance and incorporating the technology associated with the new on—board systems”, explains Charles Le Bot, Head of the Simulation business line at Exail.

“Simulators are therefore an ideal tool for learning about a new—generation vehicle like the Centaure. Our technological solutions enable operational crews to master the driving and digital functions of the vehicle and its on—board systems.”

The training provided on the simulator includes a guided learning approach designed specifically for driving the Centaure, and a system to edit driving scenarios dedicated to the new IuIti—Purpose Intervention Vehicle (VIPG), enabling them to be reproduced within an operational context.

Exail is proud to count the French Gendarmerie among its customers, and thanks them for their trust.