Honeywell Delivers New Test Cell to Support F-35 Sustainment

Modular Test Cell (MTC)
Modular Test Cell (MTC)

Honeywell has delivered a new Modular Test Cell (MTC) to the U.S. government Depot Fleet Readiness Center East in Cherry Point, N.C., to support sustainment of F-35 aircraft.

The delivery marks a key milestone in the transfer of repair capability for the turbomachine within Honeywell’s Power & Thermal Management System (PTMS) aboard the F-35. The MTC will be used to test the PTMS turbomachines that the center will service.

The test cell in Cherry Point improves F-35 sustainment by providing capability to acceptance test turbomachines onsite allowing a quicker turn time for repair. Honeywell will continue repair capabilities in Phoenix, but now the MTC at the depot provides an additional source of support for the warfighter. The additional test cell will also increase capacity to test the turbomachine within the PTMS.

“Honeywell’s test cell provides a synergistic and universal test solution that the F-35 program can duplicate not only in production but also in sustainment facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia,” said Porfirio Velasquez, F-35 Depot Project Manager at Lockheed Martin. “This forward-thinking concept and design show a significant commitment to advancing aerospace innovation and ensuring the utmost efficiency in defense operations.”

Honeywell and key subcontractors are currently on-site at the readiness center installing the MTC, which is expected to be completed by Oct. 6. After installation, the cell will be calibrated and tested, and employees will be trained on its use by year-end.

“Maintaining F-35 sustainment across the globe is key for support of the F-35 worldwide,” said Matt Milas, president, Defense & Space, Honeywell. “The recent Government Accountability Office report on F-35 fleet readiness directly mentions challenges with F-35 sustainment support, and this new cell from Honeywell will directly improve F-35 sustainment.”