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Editorial Topics:
  • Land Warfare: Army’s Big Six Progress Report: On the eve of AUSA, Stephen Miller reviews the US Army’s Big Six modernisation programmes: long range precision fires, armour, future vertical lift, networks, air and missile defence, and soldier lethality.
  • Air Power: The Dark Arts of Aerial Survival: Martin Streetly discusses how the war in Ukraine has underlined the need for electronic defensive aids and countermeasures to protect military aircraft.
  • Land Warfare: Mortal Morpheus?: Thomas Withington reports on the development status of the next generation UK’s Tactical Communication and Information Systems (TacCIS).
  • Special Forces: Keep Connected – Undetected: Special forces need secure SATCOMS while on operations. Andrew White provides an analysis of current systems available.
  • Land Warfare: Firing Up Industrial Production In Times Of War: Andrew Drwiega talks to Nammo CEO Morten Brandtzæg about the challenges of ramping up industrial capacity triggered by the war in Ukraine.
  • Radio Listings: Armada’s annual examination of a selection of the newest radios available to land forces compiled by Thomas Withington.
  • Air Power: GCC Airforces Hunt Next Generation Air Power: Air forces in the Gulf are looking to acquire the newest next generation fighter aircraft. Jon Lake reviews their progress to date.
  • Sea Power: The Naval Laser Challenge: Directed energy weapons are seen as a solution to some of the developing naval defensive challenges – such as swarming attacks. Dr Lee Willett assesses progress made.
Issue - October/November 2023 (386 downloads)