Aimpoint – A Long Time Supplier of Sighting Systems to Military and Special Forces

Acro P-2 mounted on magnifying scope
Acro P-2 mounted on magnifying scope.

Aimpoint AB, a privately owned company with headquarters in Malmö, Sweden, invented and launched its first electronic red-dot sight in 1975, making this remarkable tool a major advantage on hunting grounds, shooting ranges, and the toughest combat arenas.

Today, Aimpoint offers a wide range of red dot sights suitable for most firearm applications – from handguns to crew served weapons. The smallest sights in the Aimpoint portfolio weighing only 60 g, belong to the ACRO™ series. Primarily designed for use on handguns, the ACRO sights can also be mounted on carbines, shotguns or utilized as a backup sight on magnified scopes and thermal imagers. The ACRO series has been tested and proven to withstand the extreme shock, vibration, temperatures, and material stresses generated by firing over 20,000 rounds of .40 S&W ammunition.

CompM5 with removable 6X magnifier
CompM5 with removable 6X magnifier

For crew served weapons Aimpoint offers the FCS13RE™ – a fire control systems that is a direct view, Dynamic Universal Reflex Sight (DURS). It utilizes an integrated laser range finder and ballistic computer to give the gunner an aiming point corrected for range, type of munition, terrain angle, and environmental conditions. The FCS13RE provides an extremely high probability of first round hits on both stationery and moving targets during day and night. The system can be enhanced with a magnifier, a thermal imager, and is compatible with all generations of military night vision. Aimpoint’s fire control system is in use in almost 20 countries.

FCS13RE – Fire Control System
FCS13RE – Fire Control System

Aimpoint’s products belong to the next generation multiweapon sights. With a wide range of mounting solutions for each product, the same product can be used on different weapon platforms.

Millions of Aimpoint red dot sights are in use worldwide today, and in addition to the US Army, most NATO countries currently trust Aimpoint sights as part of their standard equipment. The following is a glimpse of the latest contracts signed, showing a trend on the market.


The Aimpoint® FCS13RE™, which is a proven system delivered to other NATO militaries, is currently deployed as the primary Fire Control Systems on the M3E1 MAAWS lightweight 84mm Carl-Gustaf produced by SAAB Dynamics for use by the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, and U.S. Special Operations Command.

United Kingdom

Spring 2023 – Aimpoint has been awarded a seven-year framework contract within the Support Weapons Enhanced Sighting Systems (SWESS) program for the British Armed Forces. Aimpoint will supply both the FCS13-RE™ Fire Control System with the TH-60™ thermal clip-on for SWESS-Heavy Mature Project and the CompM4™ sight combined with ballistic adjustable mounts and 3X-Mag™ magnifiers for SWESS-Light Battlesight Project.

Fall 2023 – Aimpoint has been chosen to deliver mini red dot sights to the Alternative Individual Weapon System, designated L403A1 to UK MOD, via its exclusive UK distributor Edgar Brothers. The AIW will consist of three elements including the rifle system L403A1, the optic system L900A1, and the training system. As part of the optic system, Aimpoint will supply the ACRO® P-2 red dot sight.


The FCS13-RE™ Fire Control System and TH-60™ thermal sight systems will be used by the Canadian military on deployed operations as the primary day and night Fire Control System (FCS) on Canada’s in-service M3 84mm Carl Gustaf produced by SAAB Dynamics. The combo FCS-Thermal optic was chosen for this program as it fully met or exceeded all of Canada’s strict technical performance requirements. Deliveries of the Aimpoint FCS13-RE™ and TH-60™ are scheduled during 2023. The system will be fielded by the Canadian Army.


The Swedish Army awarded Aimpoint with a contract to deliver the CompM5™ red dot sight as a replacement of the first generation of red dot sights delivered by Aimpoint 20 years ago. The CompM5™ is used on the infantry weapons Ak5C/D. The CompM5™ is combat proven and in use in many countries, including by the French Armed Forces.


Forty-seven years after launching its first red dot sight, Aimpoint’s products are trusted more than ever. Aimpoint will continue to produce the highest quality weapon optics that increase lethality and survivability of the soldiers serving their countries.