Galvion marks first shipment of Caiman Ballistic Helmets to NATO through NSPA and Announces Strategic Partnerships to Enhance Head Systems Offering

Galvion’s flagship Batlskin Caiman® ballistic helmet
Galvion’s flagship Batlskin Caiman® ballistic helmet system – NSPA configuration- green

Galvion, a world leader in integrated head systems and intelligent power and data management solutions, has received major orders for its Batlskin Caiman® head system from Norway, Finland and Sweden through the NATO Support and Procurement Agency (NSPA) contract, and is pleased to announce the first delivery has recently shipped to Norway. 

In December 2022, Galvion was awarded a framework contract that facilitates the procurement of their high performance Batlskin Caiman® head system and accessories, typically used by Special Operations Forces (SOF) and dismounted light forces, for NATO countries and partners. This announcement marks the placement of multiple orders off the framework contract and the commencement of deliveries that are expected to total over 80,000 helmet systems.

The NSPA contract was awarded following extensive user trials conducted by Norway, acting as thelead user nation, under the supervision of the NSPA. Selected to meet the higher performance bracket of four specified helmet categories, Galvion’s Caiman® helmet system comes in five sizes and is equipped with Galvion’s very latest APEX lining system, an intuitively adjustable design that enables a customized fit for users and is designed to offer unparalleled stability for the latest visual augmentation devices. The Caiman helmet is scalable for highly dynamic operations with mission-specific accessories, and is expressly designed to incorporate electronics, communications headsets, and other critical equipment, now and into the future.

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Galvion is committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the ever-evolving needs of demanding military and tactical teams around the world. Through collaboration and partnerships with respected industry partners and following a rigorous product verification and integration validation process, Galvion will offer a wide range of capability-enhancing products that integrate with, or are complementary to, their high-performance helmet systems. Today, Galvion announces the first Batlchk™ collaborations and agreements with the following industry partners:

Ventus Respiratory Technologies™ TR2™ Respirator: The Ventus TR2 Respiratory Mask is a compact and lightweight tactical respiratory solution that is CE-certified, conforming to European health, safety, and environmental protection standards. It offers >99% filtration of solid particulate at a diameter of 0.06μm (P2 certified to EN143) and oil-based particles down to 0.3μm, offering reliable protection against toxic exposure.

Adventure Lights™Trilobyte™ Tactical Strobes: Adventure Lights Trilobyte Tactical Strobes offer programmable IR and visual light strobes, providing secure and tamper-proof signals. With customizable signatures, these strobes enable quick and easy identification. The form factor is optimized for maximum visibility, and the device offers a wide range of functionality in a simple and user-friendly design. A range of strobes, including models with unique features developed for Galvion, will be offered to meet diverse user requirements.

4D Tactical™Night Vision SOF Cap: The 4D Tactical night vision device SOF Cap is a lightweight and comfortable platform that integrates seamlessly with night vision devices. Developed in collaboration with Galvion, and engineered using Galvion’s field-proven fitband technology, the SOF cap offers stability and convenience in situations where ballistic or bump protection is not required.

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