Babcock awarded five-year Royal Navy in-service support of ships protective systems contract


Babcock International, the defence company, has been awarded a new five-year contract by the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to continue providing in-service support for the Royal Navy’s Ships Protective System (SPS) equipment.

The contract consists of degaussing, cathodic protection, and active shaft grounding to ships and submarines, restricting the rate of hull corrosion and reducing their magnetic signature to make them less susceptible to magnetic mines.

Babcock’s continued involvement in providing in-service support to the SPS will help ensure the Royal Navy’s critical assets are available and long-lasting.

In a world of significant geopolitical instability, national security has never been more important as defence requirements become increasingly complex to deliver.

Provision of system spares is an important aspect of the contract, with Babcock working with Allan Webb Ltd to manage obsolescence risk for the affected systems.

Repair of defective system parts is an additional requirement which will benefit from Babcock’s experience in overcoming problems caused by obsolescence of systems.

Neil Young, Babcock’s Engineering and Technology Director, said: “This five-year contract is testament to the existing SPS team and the confidence the MOD customer has in their delivery of in-service support to the Royal Navy’s surface and submarine fleets.

“We have been working closely with the Royal Navy and MOD to support its critical assets for decades and we look forward to continuing this strong relationship. Their mission is our mission.”