Flex Force Enterprises, A Leader in Integrated Air and Missile Defense

Drone Buster
Sgt. Rafael Perez, assigned to the 89th Military Police Brigade, supporting 4th Infantry Division, operates the Drone Buster during a Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems class at Camp Taurus, Lithuania, on March 17th, 2023. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Cesar Rivas, 164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade)

Flex Force Enterprises® manufactures the Dronebuster® counter-unmanned aircraft system and the ASP gyro-stabilized locally operated, crew served weapons mount.

While Flex Force might be a new name to some, the company was founded in 2010. In fact, Flex Force is far from unknown in the CUAS field, where the Dronebuster is the most widely deployed system in the world and the only hand-held countermeasure that includes detection, jamming, and spoofing. The company was also the first to bring situational awareness and precision fire to standard machine guns with its ASP (Active Stabilized Platform) product family. These are groundbreaking, market-leading products for integrated air and missile defense.

The Flex Force origin story is focused on the individual warfighter. The company was founded to bring lifesaving technology initially developed for large, complex, and expensive weapon systems down to the individual warfighter and first-responder. Today, Flex Force has delivered more than 1,700 Dronebusters globally, and is the only hand-held electronic attack product approved by the U.S. Joint Counter UAS Office (JCO). The Dronebuster is deployed downrange and around the world by the US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, and US Marine Corps, as well as numerous International Ministries of Defence, Airport Authorities, and National Police Agencies.

Drone Buster

In recent months, Flex Force has well positioned itself for continued growth. The company moved into a new, expanded headquarters and production facility in Portland, Oregon, USA, and launched full-scale production of its ASP gyro-stabilized weapons mount. The company also supported the training of soldiers, civilians and more as the featured handheld electronic attack system in use at Joint C-sUAS University (JCU) at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.


As warfighting technology continues to evolve, Flex Force is a market leader driving product innovation to save and protect warfighters’ lives. The ASP combines the accuracy of a remote weapon station with the situational awareness and rapid target acquisition of a manual mount, radically enhancing mission effectiveness. The Dronebuster provides the individual warfighter with the ability to effect the entire sUAS kill chain (detect, track, identify and defeat) in a rugged and portable package.

Visit Flex Force this February at the World Defense Show in Saudi Arabia (Booth L8 in the North American Pavilion). They will also be exhibiting later this year at SOF Week, Eurosatory, AUSA, and the Indo Defence Expo, among others. The company’s latest news and engagements can be found via FlexForce.us and LinkedIn.

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