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Editorial Topics:

  • Armada Commentary: Responding to the Houthi Threat: With continuing threats against international shipping, the United States and the United Kingdom have launched a number of air attacks on Houthi targets in Yemen to degrade their capability. Dr. Lee Willett reports.
  • Focus on GCC: Gulf Defence Sector Goes for Growth: As conflict with uncertain outcomes is being fought in the Middle East and off the Yemeni coast, Saudi Arabia and the UAE are racing to firmly establish their own defence industry sectors, says Andrew Drwiega.
  • Technology Focus: Hitting Where It Hertz: Dr. Thomas Withington studies the battle for control of the electromagnetic spectrum in the context of land warfare.
  • Sensors – Naval: Eyes of the Ships: The rapid identification of threats, especially small ones and possibly swarms, is of increasing concern to traditional naval vessels. Dr. Lee Willett reports.
  • Focus on Ukraine: Putin’s Meat Grinder – Two Years and Counting: As the war in Ukraine stalls and loses its media headlines to Gaza, Reuben Johnson summarises the growing cost to Russia’s armed forces.
  • Land Warfare: Ukraine War Awakens Air Defence Needs: Stephen W. Miller examines how the air war in Ukraine has boosted international focus on ground based air defence requirements.
  • Electronic Warfare News Online: A Year in the Spectrum: Two new regular pages are added to Armada International this year: Dr Tom Withington’s reports on Electronic Warfare and Military Communications.

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