Poland Fields New Rosomak 8X8 Fighting Vehicle Variant

Rosomak (Wolverine) wheeled 8 X 8 armoured combat vehicle with an unmanned turret
Rosomak (Wolverine) wheeled 8 X 8 armoured combat vehicle with an unmanned turret

In the final week of January 2024 the Polish Army released the first photos of the latest version of the Rosomak (Wolverine) wheeled 8 X 8 armoured combat vehicle with an unmanned turret in field operations with the 18th Mechanized Division.

The acquisition of this new upgraded variant was reportedly made by the Polish Armed Forces in July 2023. It was then referred to as the Rosomak-L lengthened by 60 cm over the earlier standard model. It would also mount the ZSSW-30 remote-controlled turret with the 30mm X 173 Mk44 Bushmaster II autocannon from Northrup-Grumman (formerly ATK), a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and two Rafael Spike anti-armour missiles. This turret was developed in collaboration with WB Electronics by Poland’s Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW).

A similarly capable turret design is also intended for use on the new BMP “heavy IFV” Borsuk (Badger) procurement of which has also been contracted. The turret provides stabilized day/night thermal observation and aiming for both the gunner and commander while the latter also has a panoramic electro-optical sight. An advanced fire-control system is provided which allows engaging targets using programable fused ammunition with air-burst capabilities.

The Rosomak-L was initially developed as an independent initiative by HSW. It further includes a Scania DC13 engine with increased 610 HP and larger fuel tanks, new shielded propellor water propulsion, and bow swim-vane. The extended length contributes to the necessary buoyancy needed for swimming when the ZSSW-30 is installed. It is reported that the initial Rosomak’s with the new turret being delivered are not required to meet all the amphibious capability requirements. However, this will be required in future fielding.

The Rosomak is a license manufactured by HSW and is a modified variant of the Patria AMV carrier. The Polish license was extended in 2022 to 2028. It is combat proven in Afghanistan and has been provided to Ukraine., with the license extended in 2022 for Poland, by 2028.

In 2023 the Polish Ministry of Defense ordered seventy of the remote turrets to be delivered by 2027. The Polish General Command of the Armed Forces (DGRSZ) announced on social media that the first new Rosomaks have been allocated to the 21st Podhale Rifle Brigade.

by Stephen W. Miller