Texelis Finds a New Partner for Celeris in South-East Asia

Texelis is proud to announce yet another partner for its CELERIS 4×4 offer. Texelis has been recently selected to provide Indonesian vehicle designer and manufacturer PT SSE with complete kits for its CELERIS 4×4 mobility solution, as well as a complete development and support package to customize the mobility solution for PT SSE’s needs.

Texelis is very proud to collaborate with PT SSE, a renowned company on the Indonesian and worldwide markets. PT SSE, or PT Sentra Surya Ekajaya is a company specialized in designing, engineering and manufacturing of Special Mission Vehicles. PT SSE offers a complete range of vehicles, currently focused on the 4×4 range, as well as corresponding services.

The partnership between Texelis and PT SSE is also a major success for French-Indonesian relations.

Both countries have been close partners for Defense for years and are actively working to reinforce their ties. The program is a clear example of that policy, and has been fully supported by the French and Indonesian authorities, including the French Defense Mission at the French Embassy in Jakarta.

The GICAT (Groupement des Industries Françaises de Défense et de Sécurité terrestres et aéroterrestres – the French Land Defense and Security Industry Association) has also been a major support, both in France and in Indonesia.

That new partnership for CELERIS proves once again the value of Texelis’ offer for vehicle manufacturers looking for a high-performance, qualified, adaptable, turnkey solution for land mobility to develop or enhance their range of vehicles.

4x4 APC build on the CELERIS solution
4×4 APC build on the CELERIS solution

On top of the inherent quality of the kits and the level of support offered throughout the development and qualification phase, CELERIS offers a much faster process than any other solution.

Under this partnership agreement, Texelis will deliver the first kits to PT SSE in S1 2024. With Texelis’ full support, integration is to be completed on the first prototype before the end of year. Deliveries of the remaining series of kits will then take place in 2025.

Under the CELERIS program, an experienced OEM can thus produce a new prototype of an entirely new vehicle in less than a year. Qualification can then start with the full support of Texelis, which may set the full program target at 18 months from order.

That new contract for CELERIS is also an opportunity for Texelis and PT SSE to grow together as a supplier of mobility and a complete systems integrator, and learn from that experience to implement new partnership initiatives throughout the program. CELERIS will also benefit from the feedback and experience from its users in Indonesia, and evolve during its whole life cycle to constantly adapt to the users’ requirements and operational missions.

As an expert of mobility, Texelis firmly believes in partnerships as the right way to combine the right competence together and create new references in Defense.

4x4 APC build on CELERIS
4×4 APC build on CELERIS

Texelis has already scored customers for CELERIS on two different continents, with several dozen solutions ordered, and is looking forward to expanding its reach worldwide.