Polaris Enhances Military Over-Snow Mobility

The necessity for military forces to be able to move and operate in cold and snow conditions has received more attention, as evidenced by the situations in Ukraine, the Pacific Theater, and NATO’s northern flanks.

Responding to this the United States firm Polaris has independently developed and introduced two new over-snow vehicles specifically intended to address the rigors of military ground combat and support needs.

“The Military 650 TITAN 155 and 2025 Military 850 PRO RMK 155 are, explained Nick Francis, vice president, Polaris Government and Defense, “engineered with the input of our longstanding snowmobile customers ensuring these meet the standards and requirements of today’s militaries while continuing to provide exceptional manoeuvre capability, utility and reliable operation during harsh winter operations.”

The 2025 Military 650 TITAN 155 accommodates a single passenger with a rear cargo area for 125 lbs (57 kg). It can also tow a trailer capable of an additional 1200 lbs (545 kg) of supplies. It is ideally suited for hauling and support roles. It includes a powerful 1500 lb (682 kg) capacity winch for vehicle recovery or to move obstacles. It uses the proven Matryx platform with the quick accelerating 650 Patriot two-stroke engine, an all-new, patented BackTrak20 rear suspension, high-clearance independent front suspension and Trailbreaker skis.

As a result, TITAN can climb on top of the snow better than any previous model in either forward or reverse. Its articulating rail allows the extra-long track to hinge upwards at the back, while a removeable rear snowflap further improves reverse mobility. The high/low geared transmission controls power distribution and adds engine torque for heavy loads. Coupled with radiator cooling it is optimized for slow speeds, towing heavy loads and in low-snow conditions.

The new 850 PRO RMK 155 lightweight snowmobile is engineered for patrol and reconnaissance with superior manoeuvrability. Its extended track and tapered tunnel increase performance in deep snow while a full-length cooler improves reliability in marginal snow conditions. Operation at higher altitudes is assured by its high elevation clutch calibration while Velocity shocks adjust for varying rider and kit weight and size enhancing control and handling.

The combined the Military 650 TITAN 155 and 850 PRO RMK 155 offer over-snow vehicles that respectively address both the need to provide supplies and logistics support and provide manoeuvrability to nimble forward patrol and reconnaissance units. Both vehicles will be entering production and will be available for 2024.

Both snowmobiles are also equipped with durable, Polaris two-stroke engines and electric start, while also supporting manual, pull-start in extreme cold. Weight reduction and ergonomic upgrades provide added control while the advanced suspension improves handling, enhanced capability and agility. Calibrated shocks and a proven suspension architecture absorb bumps in shifting terrain to add a level of comfort to the ride while a narrow cockpit provides greater control, stability and precise navigation.

by Stephen W. Miller