April Radio Roundup


New Millimetric Wave Module

Peraso unveiled its new PRM2136 millimetric wave module to support secure tactical communications in March. A company data sheet said that the PRM2136 uses a 57 gigahertz/GHz to 60 gigahertz/GHz waveband providing 2.16GHz of channel bandwidth. The latter helps the system avoid interference from other signals. Directional beamforming is provided using a phased array antenna which steers signals in azimuth and elevation. Automatic Encryption Standard 128 (AES-128) data encryption is also supported. Peraso told Armada that the PRM2136 “has a USB 3.0 interface” adding that “it can connect directly to a host device, or with an Etherwave adapter, which enables smart power management when connected to Android devices such as smartphones and tablets.” The company said that data rates of between 400 megabits-per-second and 1.7 gigabits-per-second are achievable with the PRM2136. Development of the module is complete. It is “in mass production (and) has been adopted for consumer products and is in development for tactical applications.”

Peraso PRM2136
Peraso’s new PRM2136 millimetric wave module provides secure communications which can achieve data rates of up to 1.7 gigabits-per-second.

Satcom Direct Secures Blanket Agreement

Satcom Direct’s government subsidiary concluded an aeronautical blanket agreement with the US Department of Defence (DOD) for global Satellite Communications (SATCOM) connectivity in March. The news was announced via a company press release. The five-year agreement will provide the DOD with voice and data connectivity for US military and government aircraft. The contract is worth $240 million. Specifically, the agreement allows those users to access several SATCOM services offered by Viasat. Satcom Direct told Armada that the SATCOM service it offers “can be accessed through existing equipment (furnishing aircraft) as well as Satcom Direct’s growing portfolio of hardware.” The satellite communications services users can access will flow through Satcom Direct’s facilities in Melbourne, Florida.

Satcom Direct recently concluded a five-year agreement with the US DOD which will enable US military and government aircraft to access a range of Viasat’s satellite communications services.

by Dr. Thomas Withington