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Editorial Topics:

  • Commander’s Intent: The Overwatch Challenge: 50 Million Square Miles of Ocean: Commodore Mike Martinez talks with Mark Ayton about the role of Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing 10 in relation to US Navy’s six Boeing P-8A Poseidon squadrons.
  • Air Power: UK Gets Serious About NMH: Andrew Drwiega outlines the plan for the UK’s New Medium Helicoptern announced by James Cartlidge, UK minister for Defence & Procurement.
  • Air Power: Russia’s Desperate Search for Helicopter Engines: Russia has a shortage of helicopter engines, and is having to go to its international customers to buy units back, finds David Oliver.
  • Technology Focus: Forming and Shielding the Combat Cloud: How will the US Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) system help to deliver on the desire for Multi-Domain Operations? Dr. Thomas Withington explains.
  • Land Warfare: Weapons Design for Today and Tomorrow: Stephen W. Miller examines how new technology is changing individual weapon designs.
  • Electronic Warfare: Time to Detect Enemy Radios: Dr. Thomas Withington discusses a hypothetical scenario demonstrating electronic warfare between Ukrainian and Russian forces.
  • Land Warfare: Ukraine Support Causes Artillery Dilemma: The need for replacement artillery and ammunition has soared since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Christopher Foss reports.
  • Land Warfare: Keeping Soldiers Camouflaged, Protected and Visually Aware: Andrew White examines how the designs of uniforms, helmets and night vision systems are changing to better serve soldiers.
  • Electronic Warfare and Military Communications Online: Dr. Thomas Withington’s online reports on Electronic Warfare and Military Communications.

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