CAVS Combat Vehicle Orders Move Forward

The Common Armoured Vehicle System (CAVS) program recently saw a major advances toward the introduction of a single family of protected combat vehicles that would be employed by multiple NATO militaries.

At the first of May Patria, the lead industry contractor for the development of the CAVS concept and design, announced that the German military had actively begun participation in the program research and development. Begun in 2020 by Finland and Latvia, Sweden joined the CAVS initiative in 2022.

Estonia had been a member as well but dropped out although there has been speculation that it may reconsider as the participants have expanded. Members of the program not only are entitled to receiving access to the developments that result from the program efforts but also are able to contribute to defining requirements of the vehicles as well as various mission variants.

Patria, with over four decades of wheeled tactical and combat vehicle design and manufacturing background, was selected as the prime contractor for the development. Production, however, may be shared by industries in participating countries.

Anticipating Germany’s participation the local firms DSL (part of KNDS group) and FFG announced its teaming with Patria to offer the German design, production, and sustainment of variants of Patria’s 6×6 armoured personnel carrier. The CAVS is considered a likely candidate to replace the German FUCHS-fleet. Under the CAVS programme should Germany decide to procure vehicles Patria will lead the design and development while DSL in Freisen and FFG in their units in Flensburg (FFG) and Kirchen (JWT) will provide local engineering, production, and life-cycle support in Germany.

The CAVS design is partly based on Patria’s previous AMV 8×8 and XA- 6×6 vehicles. Initial development has focused on an infantry troop carrier in a 6 X 6 configuration with other mission versions anticipated based on each military’s specific requirements.

In March 2024 Patria has received a 470 Euro ($508 million) contract to provide 321 6×6 CAVS based vehicles designated Pansarterrängbil 300 for the Swedish Armed Forces. The vehicles will be troop carriers and provided by 2025 with additional variants to follow.

Latvia has committed to acquiring two hundred of the troop carrier with deliveries continuing through 2029. Officials indicated they are also looking toward a command-and-control variant.

Finland’s requirements are around one-hundred and sixty which will replace the current 1980s-vintage Sisu Pasi XA-180M 6x6s with regular forces. The XA-180’s are being modernized and will be transferred to local forces. The initial Finnish CAVS were to be delivered in 2023.

Germany has announced its intent to organized highly mobile brigades that would employ wheeled armoured combat vehicles. Should the CAVS be utilized these requirements could include as many as one-thousand vehicle systems of different variants making its involvement a major factor.

by Stephen W. Miller