HENSOLDT showcases next-generation land EW capabilities at AOC Europe

HENSOLDT land EW solutions

HENSOLDT, a global leader in defence and security technologies, is participating in AOC Europe in Norway, the premier multi-domain electromagnetic warfare (EW) event hosted by the Association of Old Crows. With spectrum dominance being one of HENSOLDT’s key portfolio areas, and given the company’s prominence in Europe, this event holds particular significance for HENSOLDT.

At AOC Europe, HENSOLDT is showcasing its latest spectrum dominance solutions, highlighting the unparalleled capabilities of its land EW portfolio. The exhibition features state-of-the-art multi-sensor, multi-platform solutions designed to achieve spectrum dominance in land-based scenarios. From sensor to effector, HENSOLDT’s land EW portfolio integrates advanced technologies into complete solutions that provide a clear picture of enemy emitters and own forces, with the ability to control how adversaries are using the spectrum.

Echoing the event’s theme of “Alliances and collaboration in supporting multi-domain EW operations,” HENSOLDT brings together European expertise through its operations in Germany, combined with a world-renowned competence of EW expertise in South Africa. Through this collaborative approach, HENSOLDT is working on large-scale projects, delivering strategic, countrywide land EW solutions in Europe, totalling over 100 million EURO.

Given the escalating conflict situation in eastern Europe, EW is now more critical in Europe than ever, with electromagnetic-spectrum control playing an increasing role in tactical and strategic advantage. HENSOLDT’s NATO-compliant technologies and solutions are designed to provide not just situational awareness but also the most effective countermeasures, ensuring national interests and sovereignty are protected.

Central to HENSOLDT’s showcase are its integrated electronic support and electronic attack (ES/EA) systems, offering a holistic approach across the entire sensor-to-effector chain. These systems enable simultaneous spectrum dominance across radar and communications spectrums, providing a critical advantage in the modern battlefield environment. HENSOLDT’s solution software seamlessly integrates individual systems, offering flexibility and adaptability to meet evolving mission requirements.

With a legacy spanning nearly six decades of local pioneering development, HENSOLDT South Africa’s technologies have earned global acclaim. Ryno van Staden, Executive Manager of Sales and Marketing at HENSOLDT South Africa’s GEW business unit, emphasises the company’s commitment to innovation and partnership: “Our close collaboration with customers enable us to continually evolve our product line, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technological advancements to counter the ever-evolving electronic threats in modern warfare.”

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