Quaze Technologies and Rheinmetall Canada sign contract to take Drone Swarm Tactical OverWatch (DSTOW™) to the next stage of development

The Quaze DSTOW
The Quaze DSTOW, an autonomous and agnostic drone charging solution, is utilized on a Rheinmetall Mission Master Uncrewed Ground System (UGS).

Quaze Technologies, a Canada-based technology company building solutions to recharge any robot anywhere without human intervention and the creator of wide-surface wireless power transfer, has signed a contract with Rheinmetall Canada to progress the innovative Drone Swarm Tactical OverWatch (DSTOW™) from concept stage to product development. Mounted on the Rheinmetall Mission Master CXT Uncrewed Ground System (UGS), the DSTOW™ capability will see Quaze integrate its wide-surface wireless power transfer technology to make truly autonomous drone operations a reality.

Following a successful joint demonstration showcasing the DSTOW™ capability at DSEi 23, Quaze and Rheinmetall Canada have now elevated their collaboration, moving the capability from a compelling concept to a fully operational product. Since its introduction at DSEi 23, DSTOW™ has captured the attention of defence specialists and technologists alike, promising a new era of persistent, autonomous surveillance and target acquisition. The forward-thinking demonstrator is now set to become an integral part of defence capabilities, enhancing the operational effectiveness of military forces globally.

Quaze’s Surface Power Technology, with its magnetic resonance capabilities, now stands at the forefront of the defence industry’s push towards untethered, cable-free power solutions. The latest iteration of DSTOW™ provides an unparalleled autonomous operational solution. It is a gateway to sustained autonomy in surveillance and reconnaissance, reducing the human-machine ratio while bolstering the productivity and safety of soldiers. The ability to charge multiple drones simultaneously and wirelessly is set to mark a significant leap in operational efficiency and endurance.

The Quaze and Rheinmetall Canada partnership is aimed at responding to the changing landscape of warfare brought about by the proliferation of drone technology. Quaze Surface Power transfer charges any robotic system in land, air and sea domains. With the ability to cater to diverse power needs simultaneously and without the need for precise alignment, its application beyond drone operations to remove human intervention from recharging all robots on the battlefield could be shaped by DSTOW™.

Alain Tremblay, VP of Business Development and Innovation at Rheinmetall Canada said, “We are delighted to sign this contract with Quaze Technologies to continue developing a pioneering technology and bring a product to market that delivers autonomous and continuous drone operations. It is a ground-breaking technology that will revolutionize the deployment of drones and both parties are committed to unlocking its true potential.”

Xavier Bidaut, CEO of Quaze Technologies said, “This contract is a significant milestone for us at Quaze and we are proud to have the opportunity to continue building upon our successful collaboration with Rheinmetall Canada. Developing the capability to access energy, agnostic of vehicle or platform, and removing the requirement to return to the pilot to recharge, means the potential autonomous applications in defence are vast – and DSTOW™ is leading the way.”