FAMOUS ATV concept vehicle launched at Eurosatory 2024

FAMOUS ATV concept vehicle launched at Eurosatory 2024
FAMOUS ATV concept vehicle launched at Eurosatory 2024

On 17 June 2024 at Eurosatory in Paris, All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) concept vehicle developed within FAMOUS programme was revealed in a celebratory occasion arranged in Patria’s stand.

The aim of European FAMOUS (Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armoured Systems) programme is to improve the performance of new and existing armoured vehicles with the support of EU funding. The so far achieved results from the programme clearly indicate that the new tracked vehicle platform will be a multi-purpose solution for all kinds of operational environments.

“The FAMOUS programme is fully aligned with the European Commission’s goal to enhance the competitiveness and innovation capacity of the EU’s defence industry,” says Mikko Karppinen, Senior Vice President, Protected Mobility and Defence Systems of Patria.

“We are very proud to reveal this Tracked Armoured Personnel Carrier concept vehicle generated with the support of FAMOUS programme. We have now proceeded to the concept testing stage and the performance of the future solution can be tested in practice.”

The vehicle solution that is being developed is a high-performance platform intended for all geographical environments, including extreme climates. The vehicle under development is expected to have excellent tactical and operational mobility. Attention is also being paid to its survivability, costs and modularity.

Finland is the lead nation and Patria the industrial coordinator of the FAMOUS programme. Patria has also the lead responsibility for tracked vehicle design, system integrations and prototype manufacture. The consortium is participated by 9 countries and 18 leading European defence companies.

This project has received funding from the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP) under Grant Agreements No EDIDP-GCC-2020-058- FAMOUS and European Defence Fund (EDF) Project 101103043 — FAMOUS2.

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