INVISIO announces seamless wireless comms capability to their intercom system

INVISIO X7 in-ear headset

Tactical communications expert INVISIO announces plans to add wireless comms capability to its intercom system, providing unlimited mobility in the field whilst maintaining unrivalled situational awareness.

The wireless capability, INVISIO Link™, is expected to be released first half of 2025, and augments the INVISIO Intercom system by bridging the gap between dismounted and mounted users through seamless wireless communications. It follows the recent release of the INVISIO Control™ app, which provides the ability to tailor and adjust the intercom system pre-mission or on the go.

The solution adds a dongle to the existing INVISIO body worn kit along with a base station to the INVISIO Intercom System. Both products are lightweight and small, ensuring portability, ease of use and installation.

INVISIO Link™ offers the following key attributes:

Tailored connectivity: INVISIO Link™ means users are wirelessly connected to tailored user and group communication.

  • Unlimited mobility: No tangled cords give users free mobility in platforms and their proximity.
  • Seamless comms: INVISIO Link™ provides seamless transitions between mounted and dismounted scenarios as well as wired and wireless. It also allows auto-connect for easy use in the field.
  • Uncompromised wireless quality: INVISIO Link™ provides uncompromised speech intelligibility along with strong connectivity, also in challenging environments.
  • Secure & lightweight: The new wireless solution is unparalleled in size and weight, with a body-worn INVISIO Link™ dongle weighing just 70g. AES 256 encryption ensures the system remains secure, and detectability can be adjusted thanks to adjustable transmitting power.
  • Mount anywhere: INVISIO Link™ can be installed anywhere, either as a fixed installation, on molle webbing or in a bag. Weighing just 270g and measuring 78 x 100 x 30mm, the INVISIO Link™ station has a small footprint that ensures ease of use, with the option for an external antenna for specially challenging RF installations.

Jacob Tranegaard, Director Intercom Product Management at INVISIO, says: “INVISIO Link™ gives users more freedom and mobility than ever and provides hassle-free transitions between mounted and dismounted scenarios.”

“Wireless often comes with concerns around audio quality, but INVISIO Link™ provides uncompromised speech intelligibility that is as clear as wired systems.”

“We know wireless communication is the next step forward in our industry and are delighted to add this to our offering.”

INVISIO Link™ is announced at EUROSATORY and is expected to be available first half of 2025. Visit INVISIO at Hall 5A – stand C126 or for more information, contact us at [email protected] or get in touch with your local INVISIO representative.