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Editorial Topics:

  • Land Warfare: Stepping Up Ammunition Production: Christopher Foss examines the effect that the war in Ukraine has had on the production and development of artillery ammunition.
  • Land Warfare: Advanced Military Battery Power: How suitable is the current range of battery powered vehicles for military use, and where are improvements being made. Stephen Miller has the story.
  • UAV Focus: Battlefield UAV Losses Show What is Expendable and What Needs Better Protection: David Oliver introduces the Armada International UAV Listings. This month’s focus is on Classes 1-3. Next month Classes 4-5 will be reviewed.
  • UAV Listing: UAV Classes 1-3 Listings with illustrations and performance data. By David Oliver.
  • UUV/USV: Uncrewed ASW – Between Doctrine and Technology: UUVs/USVs are increasingly on the market for navies, but has the doctrine been developed for their use? Dr. Alix Valenti reports.
  • Sea Power: Evolutionary Spaces – Future Proofing Submarine Design: Dr. Alix Valenti examines the work being done to improve submarine signatures and overall design.
  • Technology Focus: Us Army Explores Civilian Owned SATCOM as a Leased Service: Are civilian owned, military leased SATCOM services workable for the military? Andrew White reports.
  • Land Warfare: Designing a 30mm Gun to Take Out UAS: Leonardo invited Andrew Drwiega to view its new 30mm X-Gun being tested in Brescia, Italy.

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