June Radio Roundup

GENSS Tactical Communications System (Spectra Group)
GENSS Tactical Communications System. (Spectra Group)

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GENSS Tactical Communications System (Spectra Group)

Spectra Group is finalising the development and testing of its GENSS tactical communications system which the company expects to be available for procurement by the end of this year.

GENSS makes sense

Spectra Group showcased its GENSS tactical communications system at this year’s SOF Week special forces exhibition held in Tampa, Florida between 6th and 10th May. GENSS is a development of the company’s Slingshot tactical communications apparatus.

A company press release said that GENSS uses high frequency (three megahertz/MHz to 30MHz) and Very/Ultra High Frequency (30MHz to three gigahertz/GHz) wavebands. GENSS can also use Satellite Communications (SATCOM) frequencies including Inmarsat’s LTAC L-band (1.2GHz – 1.8GHz/1.67GHz – 1.71GHz) SATCOM service. GENSS supports data rates of up to 90 kilobits-per-second across LTAC’s 25 kilohertz channels.

The company press release continued that GENSS uses “adaptive modulation waveforms.” These waveforms “automatically adjust through network sensing techniques, to meet the tactical situation.” Tactical situations could include the user being mobile, in combat or stationary. In addition, “novel engineering techniques, voice and low data rate solutions can be applied in the contested communications space to minimise detection.”

Spectra Group told Armada, via a written statement, that GENSS is in fact “a suite of solutions based around a core radio module.” This module comprises of a Software Defined Radio (SDR) circuit board designed and manufactured in-house by the company using a “state-of-the-art chipset”.  The SDR board provides GENSS with frequency agility from 29MHz to six gigahertz, with a 40MHz operating window. The statement continued that “the first product delivery will include a Radio Frequency (RF) front end module” optimised for LTAC. GENSS operates seamlessly with Slingshot, the statement added.

Work on GENSS is wrapping up “with final development and testing” ongoing. These efforts are focusing on finalising the L-band capability. However, Spectra Group says that GENSS can be continually modified and enhanced during its lifetime. Production is scheduled for the final quarter of 2024.

by Dr. Thomas Withington