Vision Pace Product Launch: Eurosatory

The ultimate stabilised fast and accurate tracking and fire control system.

Vision Pace
Vision Pace

OpenWorks has launched its latest product, developed specifically for optical tracking and fire-control targeting, optimised for dynamic small aerial targets and gunfire control.

At a time when aerial threats, such as loitering munitions and FPV UAS, can attack a facility or armoured fighting vehicle at speeds that overwhelm conventional systems, technology needs to be faster and more autonomous. Vision Pace provides the speed and accuracy to match today’s threats.

Vision Pace is engineered for precision, speed and low latency. This new highly configurable, ultra-high positional accuracy and autonomous AI-optical system can operate in land and naval applications, with mission-specific configurations for SHORAD, CUAS and surveillance.

Chris Down, OpenWorks Managing Director said “we see threats evolving at a pace that demands new and novel solutions. We’re proud to be at the cutting edge of optical targeting and fire-control technology, and to be adding autonomy and speed to a capability area that desperately needs it.”

Understanding the critical importance of precision and reliability in challenging deployments, Vision Pace delivers:

  1. High-Bandwidth Dynamic Performance: Powered by direct drive technology and low-friction mechanics, Vision Pace delivers unparalleled performance in tracking and engagement with minimal latency.
  2. 3D Target Tracking: Our advanced tracking capabilities provide the end-user with comprehensive geospatial awareness of their target and surroundings.
  3. Artificial Intelligence: AI ensures targeting operation is optimised for autonomy and accuracy. Significant reduction in operator cognitive load, freeing up resources for faster decision-making.
  4. Light Weight and Compact Design: Vision Pace is up to a third lighter than conventional systems, with advanced features and modern sensors.
  5. Easy Integration: One interface provides many configurable payload options, including radars. The system has proven interfaces, as well as being standard compliant e.g. SAPIENT.

Vision Pace is part of the Vision Autonomous Optics family of products and systems, that provide the highest performance surveillance, tracking and classification technology available, for use on static, mobile and un-manned systems.