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Defence Industry and Signals of the New Norm

Published in the June/July 2020 Issue – COVID-19 is changing the world at an unprecedented pace. The disease spread around the world with amazing speed and terrible...

Managing Defence Industry Risk

In many ways, the business of national security is the business of managing risk. In the United States, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs...

Pandemic Illustrates Network Fragility

2020 is the year that every networked citizen of the world is going to learn about the power (and fragilities) of networks. COVID-19 The cause...

AI may be the solution to Defence Industry Cyber Security

A powerful theme of defence industry conversations around the world is the increasing criticality of cyber security. Cyber Security It is a focus for governments...

Ill Wind Blowing Through Defence Trade

Trade has always been a tool of statecraft, but its prominence here has risen markedly in recent years and the connection to national security...

Winds of change in the Fighter market

Andrew Hunter - Very little stirs the blood in defence quite like a good fighter competition. Fighters are glamorous, eye-catching, and expensive. They are...

Global Defence needs may help US Army Modernisation

The US Army is preparing to undertake a substantial reordering of its modernisation programmes so that it can catch up with a changing global...

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