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Airbus Helicopters talks up its NMH bid

DSEI 2023: Airbus Helicopters has already announced the members of its H175M Task Force including the UK-based industry team created to offer, supply and...
Avon CBRN suit. (Avon Protection)

Avon Protection adds new CBRN products

DSEI 2023: Avon Protection showcased a new type of air purifying respirator (APR) system for operational applications that do not require full Chemical, Biological,...
The Diamond Dart-750 aerobatic trainer.

Diamond’s Dart-750 Targets Training Market

The Chinese owned, Austrian-based aircraft manufacturer, Diamond Aircraft brought a new aircraft to this year’s Paris Airshow. The Dart-750 is the latest variant of...

Boeing’s T-7A Red Hawk Positivity

Despite a two-year delay due to design issues, with a new schedule targeting production in 2025 and initial operational capability in 2027, Boeing stressed...
Multi-Domain Combat Cloud capabilities for future FCAS operations. (Airbus)

Europe Looking to Future Combat Air System (FCAS) to Boost Defence Autonomy

“FCAS is much more than merely an air defence system: it represents Europe’s big chance to reinforce its defence autonomy and to establish and...
The RSwAF Gripen C fleet is being upgraded. (David Oliver)

Swedish Air Force Switches Focus As It Prepares to Join NATO

The Chief of of the Swedish Air Force (RSwAF), Major General Jonas Wikman, at the annual Swedish Air Force Fan Club meeting said that...
Ukraine soldiers being trained in the UK. (Crown Copyright)

Training lessons from Ukraine from one who knows

Colonel Hennadiy Kovalenko is serving as a staff officer at the Strategic Allied Command Transformation (SACT) HQ in Norfolk, Virginia. He graduated from the...
RAF Tornado

IT²EC: RAF needs more collective training

Air Commodore Ian Townsend CBE, Assistant Chief of Staff Capability Delivery Combat Air, Headquarters Air Command, Royal Air Force (RAF) was another member of...
BAE Systems Project Odyssey. (BAE Systems)

IT²EC 2023: Project Odyssey – the next phase

At IT²EC (24-26 April) 2023 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, BAE Systems announced a new team member joining its Odyssey project. Launched in 2022 to...
Saab training in the United States. (Saab)

Dynamic Saab – Training Solutions for Poland

At IT²EC, Saab highlighted its recent export contract successes for comprehensive training systems and centres. Saab has signed a contract for the delivery of...

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