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USS Carney

Forward-deployed destroyers bring continued Euro-Atlantic experience for USN

US Navy (USN) DDG 51 Arleigh Burke-class destroyers that have previously been forward deployed to Rota, Spain are continuing to bring regional experience and...
HMS Victorious

Royal Navy reiterates strategic importance of undersea battlespace to UK

The undersea battlespace remains critical to UK security and interests, a senior Royal Navy (RN) officer told a major underwater defence show in London. Giving...
Triton Sig

USN forward deploys its first Triton UAS to European theatre

The US Navy (USN) has forward deployed its first MQ-4C Triton uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) into the European theatre, at Naval Air Station (NAS)...
USS Gabrielle Giffords

Stricking Back

Raytheon’s Tomahawk cruise missile Block development provides new challenges to Kongsberg’s increasingly popular Naval Strike Missile. For a long time in the post-Cold War world,...
USS Somerset

USN Indian Ocean and West African exercise deployments demonstrate global forward presence

The US Navy (USN) has been participating in exercises in the Indian Ocean and off West Africa, demonstrating its global, forward-deployed presence even while...

Nordic Response wraps up maritime component of NATO Steadfast Defender exercise

NATO has completed the maritime component of ‘Steadfast Defender’ – its major exercise for developing and demonstrating the capability and capacity to surge reinforcements...
VBSS Seychelles

Cutlass Express tackles Indian Ocean maritime security risks

The recent international maritime exercise ‘Cutlass Express 2024’, which took place in the Western Indian Ocean off East Africa, focused on building readiness and...
The US Navy’s USS Bataan amphibious ready group (ARG)

USMC generates amphibious presence on both NATO flanks

The US Marine Corps’ (USMC’s) 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU), embarked in the US Navy’s (USN’s) USS Bataan amphibious ready group (ARG), arrived in...
The UK Royal Navy (RN) submarine HMS Vanguard

UK Trident test demonstrates submarine’s readiness to return to operations

The UK Royal Navy (RN) submarine HMS Vanguard has conducted a Trident missile firing that has demonstrated the boat’s readiness to return to operations...
The UK Royal Navy aircraft carrier HMS Prince of Wales

NATO navies prepare for ‘Steadfast Defender’

NATO navies are preparing for Exercise ‘Steadfast Defender’ across the North Atlantic Ocean, an exercise referred to in alliance statements as ‘the largest NATO...

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